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29. June 2014

Here’s the official music video “The Only Thing” by Moby with exclusive new scenes of “Third Person”!

» Moby’s official Youtube-Channel.

Mila Kunis is the covergirl of the “Marie Claire” magazine July issue!

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The images are from MilaKunisWeb – as soon as they’re untagged, I’ll update this post.

Here’re three clips, which were uploaded on the official “Jimmy Kimmel Live”-Youtube-Chanal.

Mila is talking about her pregnancy, her latest movie “Third Person”, James Franco and sport events.

Mila also attended yesterday the “Third Person” premiere! The movie opens next week.

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  • In Rome, a shady corporate thief (Adrien Brody) plans to return to the U.S. with stolen fashion designs when he meets a beautiful gypsy woman (Moran Atias, a terrific actress whose role in Starz’s “Crash” series took centerstage after one season), and the subsequent journey their relationship takes serves as a metaphor for the leaps of faith required when two complete strangers connect.

    Meanwhile, in New York, a failed soap star (Mila Kunis) consults with a skeptical attorney (Maria Bello) to win back child-visitation rights from her ex-husband (James Franco), whose trust issues run deeper than the fact she endangered their son’s life.

    Although the three threads primarily concern the tricky emotions that attract and repel consenting adults, as the film’s full tapestry begins to take shape, another theme — that of love between parents and their children — emerges. “Watch me,” a child whispers over the opening shot of the movie, and those words continue to echo throughout, a ghostly reminder of an incident never shown, but revealed through the reactions of the entire ensemble late in the film.


  • Yahoo! Movies uploaded a new “Third Person” Trailer!

    22. October 2013

    Some weeks ago Mila visited the “TIFF” event to promote her latest movie “Third Person”. We uploaded some portraits, but now released another one! (: