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15. April 2014

Mila won the “MTV Movie Award” for her “The Great and Powerful of Oz” performance as “Best Villain” this year, isn’t it great? ;)

She bet Michael Fassbender in “12 Years a Slave”, Donald Sutherland in “Catching Fire” and two other male actors!

  • MTV Movie Awards | Show & Red Carpet
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    25. February 2014

    Mila got nominated for her »The Great and Powerful of Oz« performance at Kids Choice Awards.

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    Also »The Great and Powerful of Oz« is nominated!

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  • Until now we don’t know if Mila will attend to the show (03.30.14).

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    10. August 2013

    A new “The Great and Powerful of Oz” behind the scenes outtake was published. There’s also a new interview of the makeup artist Howard Berger, who also talked about Mila Kunis! We closed our gallery, so we linked the photo to another Mila Kunis fansite (:

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  • Howard Berger’s interview about the movie “The Great and Powerful of Oz”

    The Wicked Witch of the West on Mila Kunis was difficult, because, when you have an actress like Mila Kunis who is absolutely gorgeous, wonderful and charismatic…you don’t want to design a a makeup that will take any of that away from her performance. I sat down initially and looked at Mila’s face, and the things that really stood out for me were her eyes. I didn’t want to change the shape of her eyes or disguise them, or make her eyes a solid black. I wanted to keep the life of that character, and the life of Mila beating within her eyes. I felt like if I took any of that away, it would have been a mistake. She’s completely covered in prosthetics, her whole face is covered in silicone and foam rubber prosthetics. The only thing that’s exposed are her upper lip and of course her eyelids. Everything else is completely covered. [Read more…]