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27. January 2014

Warner Bros. published besides a new poster (the others are older, but now in better quality) also a trailer of “Blood Ties”!

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  • “Blood Ties” opens on the 21st of March! (USA)

  • Finally the poster of “Blood Ties” – Mila’s latest movie project – was published. Even if it’s nearly the same like the movie still, it’s still amazing! (:

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    17. September 2013

    Mila Kunis talks about her latest movies “Third Person” and “Blood Ties”!

    Today the press conference about “Blood Ties” took place – without Mila. If you’d like to see it anyway, here’s the link to the official TIFF youtube-account and the press conference.

  • The press conference about “Third Person” starts in three hours – now we have 18:30 in Berlin.

  • 1. September 2013

    Here’s the latest trailer of “Blood Ties” with Mila Kunis! The french ( website upload it two days ago!

    1. September 2013

    If you like to see all the actors and actresses of “Blood Ties”, the behind the scenes, just take a look at this Making Of video! But Mila Kunis isn’t in it. “Blood Ties” will be shown on 9th September at the Toronto Film Festival (TiFF).