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12. June 2016

We’ve been waiting a lot since the last photoshoot. So now I’m very happy to announce: Mila Kunis is also part of the latest “Jim Beam” photo campaign! 😊

Take a look at this gorgeous photoshooting! Or do you like to see all Jim Beam commercial videos? We have made a content page for you.

Jim Beam Mila Kunis Jim Beam Mila Kunis
Jim Beam Mila Kunis Jim Beam Mila Kunis

Jim Beam - Mila Kunis

Now it’s official: Actress and brand ambassador Mila Kunis is starring at the “Jim Beam” campaigns again! Take a look at the latest commercial video posted by the official Jim Beam Youtube-channel:

There will also be a brand new photoshoot campaign with Mila Kunis! :)

Jim Beam - Mila Kunis

Yesterday Mila Kunis attended a Jim Beam event – it was a product launch party for Jim Beam Apple in New York City.

You can take a look at all pictures on

1. January 2015

Happy New Year! We wish you all the best for 2015!! :)

happy new year

But what’s about Mila Kunis?

Well, she is now mother and according to rumors also Ashton Kutcher’s wife – so it won’t be an incredibly “tense movie year”.

Nevertheless you will get to see her definitely this year: First of all as Jupiter Jones in the Sci-Fic movie “Jupiter Ascending” (February) and perhaps you get to see her – “hear her” – also in “Hell & Black”. Until now we do not know, if there will be some new campaigns for Gemfields and Jim Beam – but we assume it ;)

Furthermore she has taken an another stand in the film industry – just as a businesswoman investing in film productions. We are excited about what we can expect this year! :)

15. September 2014

Jim Beam published two new campaign photos!

jim beam campaign jim beam campaign

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The official Jim Beam Youtubechannel published a couple of days ago a new TV-Spot.