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26. July 2015

The third campaign starring Mila Kunis for “Gemfields” ensures comparing to the last ones more attention. Besides the commercial video directed by Jeff Burton and the detailed “Telegraph” interview, uploaded a short video starring Mila Kunis talking about “Gemfields”.

  • It’s thought celebrity endorsements help reach customers and increase sales, when paired with the right brand. Sometimes it’s needed to develop an industry. Bloomberg’s Tom Gibson reports on why a mining company employs actress Mila Kunis… ©

  • gemfields-video-rubine

    A couple of weeks passed without any news about Mila Kunis (except paparazzi pictures and her marriage to Ashton Kutcher), so now we’re happy to share some updates with you! “Gemfields” uploaded to its official Youtube channel a commercial video starring Mila Kunis as the brand ambassador for the third time.


    Mila Kunis visited yesterday the “Gemfields” launch event of mozambican rubies in London. JustJared published some gorgeous looking pictures of Mila Kunis! :)

    Mila Kunis Mila Kunis

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    1. January 2015

    Happy New Year! We wish you all the best for 2015!! :)

    happy new year

    But what’s about Mila Kunis?

    Well, she is now mother and according to rumors also Ashton Kutcher’s wife – so it won’t be an incredibly “tense movie year”.

    Nevertheless you will get to see her definitely this year: First of all as Jupiter Jones in the Sci-Fic movie “Jupiter Ascending” (February) and perhaps you get to see her – “hear her” – also in “Hell & Black”. Until now we do not know, if there will be some new campaigns for Gemfields and Jim Beam – but we assume it ;)

    Furthermore she has taken an another stand in the film industry – just as a businesswoman investing in film productions. We are excited about what we can expect this year! :)

    2. December 2014

    Mila Kunis is the brand ambassador of “Gemfields”. A lot of campaigns were run, the latest collaboration was called “Motherhood Ring”. Now is “Gemfields” collaborating – “100 Good Deeds” – with Mary Fisher, a artist designer. Here’s the clip starring Mila Kunis!

    Mila Kunis and Marina B. created for “Gemfields” a “Motherhood Ring”. All profits from the “Motherhood Ring” sales will be donated to the “Gemfields Nkana Health Center”.

    The company uploaded a video starring Mila on their official Youtube-Channel.